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07 Oct 2011

Balancing Act

6:32 am
Balancing Act by Bob Owen
Balancing Act, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

On the high wire above, the unicyclist and the acrobat perform without a net.

06 Oct 2011

Big Smile

10:06 am
Big Smile by Bob Owen
Big Smile, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

Dolls representing children from the Pacific islands don masks and sing for the guests of the It’s a Small World attraction at Walt Disney World.

06 Oct 2011

Into the Briar Patch

9:11 am
Into the Briar Patch by Bob Owen
Into the Briar Patch, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

Splash Mountain is one of the super-headliner attractions in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Here we see the penultimate thrill of the ride where guests follow Brear Rabbit down the mountain and into the briar patch.

28 Sep 2011

Longing to Cross the Veil

6:06 am
Longing to Cross the Veil by Bob Owen
Longing to Cross the Veil, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

Inches before her.
She sees images.
Glimpses of a world more vibrant than her own.
Yet she dares not cross to the other side.

27 Sep 2011

Soft Embrace

6:45 pm
Soft Embrace by Bob Owen
Soft Embrace, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

Soft tentrils embrace the sky above, buoyed by the water below.

27 Sep 2011

The Day Job

10:56 am
The Day Job by Bob Owen
The Day Job, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

Sometimes I feel like I’m just another drone. Like that I get to spend most of the day outside in the sun and get to take a break every few minutes. However, there are heavy production demands to meet. And even though I get to carry a pretty sweet cargo, I still come home covered in pollen most days. Thank goodness my allergies haven’t kicked in yet.

30 Jun 2011

1000 Miles and Counting

7:01 am

I forgot I was coming up on this mile stone. That’s 1000 miles in a little less than 2 years.


31 May 2011

Latest TNT Post: New Shoes and Hopefully New Ankle

5:48 am

I’ve updated my training log for Team in Training and the Disneyland Half Marathon. Learn a bit about how runners get new shoes and how I landed on a new pair.

While you’re there you can also learn about why I chose Team in Training and how you can help us raise money to fight blood cancers!




20 May 2011

Still Waters

7:28 pm
Still Waters by Bob Owen
Still Waters, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

1/2500 of a second capture of the fountain flowing at the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead.

20 May 2011

Blue Sun

6:03 am
Blue Sun by Bob Owen
Blue Sun, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

From the main hall in the World of Coke in Atlanta, GA looking straight up. Taken during the 2011 Silverpop Client Summit event. #SPOP11

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