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29 Sep 2012

Boardwalk Morning

4:57 pm
Boardwalk Morning by Bob Owen
Boardwalk Morning, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

Good morning from Disney’s Boardwalk. A panorama taken from my phone.

29 Sep 2012

Future World Fountain Goodnight Kiss

8:48 am

28 Sep 2012


1:42 pm

This is what happens when I have a little too much time on my hands during the bus ride between Disney parks.


12 Sep 2012

Cereal Box Ready

10:36 pm
Cereal Box Ready by Bob Owen
Cereal Box Ready, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

Rosey is ready to take Mikey’s place for Life cereal.

12 Sep 2012


10:25 pm
Mmmmmm by Bob Owen
Mmmmmm, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

Rosey enjoys pears for the first time.

01 Jun 2012

Giraffes Necking

7:46 am
Giraffes Necking by Bob Owen
Giraffes Necking, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

A couple of giraffes pose together at Zoo Atlanta.

01 Jun 2012

Ready To Go

7:37 am
Ready To Go by Bob Owen
Ready To Go, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

Rosalie is buckled in and ready to see what the day has in store.

30 May 2012

Rosalie at the Zoo

9:47 am
Rosalie at the Zoo by Bob Owen
Rosalie at the Zoo, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

On Sunday our little family set out with some of our friends to Zoo Atlanta. It was Rosy’s first trip to the zoo. All things considered, she handled it like a champ.

Here she’s being carried by her mom in the Parakeet exhibit.

21 May 2012

Soulful Moment

5:49 pm
Soulful Moment by Bob Owen
Soulful Moment, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

John Popper of the Blues Traveller performing at Amplify, the Silverpop Customer Conference.

21 May 2012

What’s Above

6:42 am
What's Above by Bob Owen
What’s Above, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.

It’s the details inthe Fabulous Fox Theater that make it so amazing. This is the ceiling in the Egyptian Ballroom. Simply looking up revealed an impressive work of art that most will never notice.

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