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31 Jul 2014

New StealthCode Post: PhoneGap

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I wrote about the PhoneGap Developer application over on my software engineering blog. Check it out if you’re into that kind of… Read more

06 Jul 2014

Working at Hack Reactor & New Blog

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I’m now about 5 weeks into a 13 week accelerator program at Hack Reactor in San Francisco. It’s been a blast drinking from the firehose of programming knowledge available there. Though I’ve been working in technology for quite a while, I’ve rarely… Read more

06 Jul 2014

Hiking to Golden Gate

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Went hiking around 8 miles or so of the Coastal Trail from Sunset Beach up to the Golden Gate Bridge. Quite a workout, but beautifully worth it. View of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands across the bay from the Pacific Coastal… Read more

06 Apr 2014

Big Decision / Career Change

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I recently posted this to Facebook, but I wanted archive it here: I’m leaving my employer, Silverpop, at the end of May and starting in June I will begin studying with an intense, 3 month, 70hr/week, code accelerator program in San Francisco called… Read more

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