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19 Oct 2011

A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

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A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.Many people don’t realize that the model they pass of the city of the future while riding the Tomorrowland Transit Authority is Disney’s original model for EPCOT. (Long before it became… Read more

18 Oct 2011

Brake Job

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Brake Job, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.The Roger E. Broggie pulls into the Main Street Station at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney… Read more

16 Oct 2011

Camille hamming it up for the 4S Camera

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Just a quick snap of… Read more

14 Oct 2011

What Big Ears

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What Big Ears, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.I never buy them, but I always love to see them. The balloon vendors on Main Street USA are as much a part of the show at the parade that travels the same… Read more

12 Oct 2011

Paradise Pier

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Paradise Pier, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.Unedited iPhone image of Paradise Pier at Disney’s California Adventure Park. Taken at Sunset on Sept 4th as they were getting set up for the Magical World of Color Show. This was the evening after the… Read more

11 Oct 2011


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Icon, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.Imagineers called them “visual weenies”; striking pieces of architecture that pull guests towards them deeper into the parks. Cinderella’s Castle is, perhaps, the most iconic visual weenie of all time. FINALLY… Read more

10 Oct 2011

Unusual Flight Mechanics

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Unusual Flight Mechanics, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.Back to basics. I don’t remember anything about, mice, storks, feathers, or big eared elephants when I was learning Aerospace Engineering. The top of the Dumbo attraction in… Read more

09 Oct 2011


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Crossroads, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.Just before Splash Mountain where Adventureland meets Frontier Land weary travelers are directed… Read more

08 Oct 2011

Starring Donald Duck

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Starring Donald Duck, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.They may call it Mickey’s Philharmagic, but we all know the real star of the show is… Read more

07 Oct 2011

Balancing Act

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Balancing Act, a photo by Bob Owen on Flickr.On the high wire above, the unicyclist and the acrobat perform without a… Read more

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