Hard 18.5 Miles Yesteday

December 6th, 2010, 6:03 am · Topics: Uncategorized · Print

Yesterday I set for myself a new distance record. This time it’s nearly three miles longer than my previous record. While I’m quite proud of that I’m also a bit concerned. This run felt much harder than the last long run.

The weather was quite cold, even starting at noon I pretty sure the weather on the trail never got out of the 30s and the wind was relentless. Whenever I’d slow down to conserve energy I’d feel my extremities complaining about the cold.

I think, because of the temp, I also didn’t drink quite enough. Though I didn’t feel thirsty and I was cold, I was still sweating and that’s likely to have caused an imbalance which made the end of the run harder.

I’m hopeful I can pull off a much better executed 20 miler in a couple of weeks to give me more confidence going into the marathon. Some warmer temps would be nice too. 🙂

It turns out that Saturday would have been a much more comfortable day for a run, but some emergency issues at the office had me working overtime this weekend.

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