December 2010

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22 Dec 2010

Target Acquired

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Target Acquired Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Ozma chases a ball at Piedmont Park. Reposting this here in her… Read more

22 Dec 2010

Formal / Casual

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Formal / Casual Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Ozma passed away last night a little after 10 pm. She has been the most amazing dog and will be greatly missed. I’m reposting this capture in her… Read more

20 Dec 2010

Longest Training Run Behind Me

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I planned to run on Saturday, but the unfortunate combination of cold temperatures and periods of heavy rain forced me to push the run to Sunday. Moving a long run day throws a lot of things off. I don’t just have to plan for the duration of the… Read more

09 Dec 2010


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Totoro! Originally uploaded by Bob Owen I just got a new vinyl decal from Mac Appeal on Etsy. Totoro on my MacBook… Read more

06 Dec 2010

Hard 18.5 Miles Yesteday

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Yesterday I set for myself a new distance record. This time it’s nearly three miles longer than my previous record. While I’m quite proud of that I’m also a bit concerned. This run felt much harder than the last long run. The weather was quite… Read more

02 Dec 2010

New 10k Record

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I hadn’t signed into my Nike+ account in a while, but I had been syncing my runs. Apparently this past Saturday, without realizing it, I set a new PR for my 10K time. Cool…. Read more

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