September 2010

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11 Sep 2010

An Unusual Anniversary

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It seems somewhat funny to call this a milestone; like it’s some kind of bad pun. But that’s exactly what it is. A year ago today I set out on a journey that has made profound, and visible changes. It’s a journey that had helped me become a… Read more

03 Sep 2010

Water Lilies

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Water Lilies Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Water lily flowers begin to… Read more

02 Sep 2010

Strategic Retreat

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Strategic Retreat Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Chlorophyll enriched cells retreat from the damaged lower area of a palm frond revealing rich colors and complex… Read more

01 Sep 2010

The White Knight

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The White Knight Originally uploaded by Bob Owen White butterfly on red flowers. Most of his brethren on this Sunday morning were… Read more

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