August 2010

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31 Aug 2010

Knit Together

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Knit Together Originally uploaded by Bob Owen The madagascar palm frond shows beauty in the symmetry of it’s… Read more

29 Aug 2010

Garden Flight

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Garden Flight Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Zoom in on the Dale Chihuly sculpture at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Taken from the rose garden overlook. Put the camera into it’s lowest ISO and the lens into it’s smallest aperture, then… Read more

21 Aug 2010

Half Marathon Distance!

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I set out this morning with the intention of doing 12 miles. Somehow I ended up doing 13 so I squeezed out the extra .1 to make it a full half-marathon distance. This is a pretty amazing moment for me. I started learning to run on September 11th,… Read more

07 Aug 2010

500 Miles on Road and Counting

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One of the reasons I keep keep syncing with Nike+ even though my Garmin is capturing most of the same information is that Nike does a lot to keep you motivated. I just crossed over the 500 mile mark from when I first started leaning to run last… Read more

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