All Roads Lead to Rome

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All Roads Lead to Rome

Originally uploaded by Bob Owen

Dark ride attraction photopgraphy is notoriously difficult. In addition to the low lighting conditions, flash is prohibited, and the ride vehicle is moving. Even when it does work out, most of the images are soft, noisy, or both.

This scene, with it’s elaborate, authentic costumes and props, is meant to depict the Roman Empire. The image was taken inside the Spaceship Earth attraction and is one of the scenes that had survived through the different updates to the attraction.

Last year, though, the narration for the scene didn’t fare so well. Before the rennovation, the attraction was sponsored by AT&T and the theme was communication. Here Jeremy Irons said “North, East, West, South, all roads lead to rome.” Now, with Siemens as a sponsor, the narrator has changed to Judi Dench and the roads in this scene are said to depict the first “world wide web.” The second most groan inducing change to the ride.

Still this will always be a classic and nostalgic attraction for me.

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