February 2010

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05 Feb 2010

Formal / Casual

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Formal / Casual Originally uploaded by Bob Owen In this diptych Ozma shows that she is quite poised and confident, yet also has a playful streak. She’s a boxer/retriever mix with the sweetest disposition you could… Read more

04 Feb 2010

Information Overload

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Information Overload Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Urban phone poles must do double duty; as volumes of information travel along the copper above, it must also bear the weight of thousands of signs below. This kind of information sharing… Read more

03 Feb 2010

Left Foot

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Left Foot Originally uploaded by Bob Owen It seems that every tourist who visits Tokyo must make a photo of the iconic Tokyo Tower. This is mine. The tower is, of course, based on similar architecture as the Eiffle Tower in France but… Read more

02 Feb 2010


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Rise Originally uploaded by Bob Owen A moon jelly catches the light as it slowly… Read more

01 Feb 2010

Bank Right Maneuver

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Bank Right Maneuver Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Small for an aircraft but large in the water, the Manta ray appears to turns as slowly as a cargo aircraft preparing for landing. This one was nearly 15 feet across. Still, in this tank, he… Read more

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