February 2010

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15 Feb 2010

Surf’s Up

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Surf’s Up Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Giant, color changing panels at the Georgia Aquarium add impact to the main lobby and give the suggestion of waves seens from underwater. The white curved panels at the top suggest boat hulls on the… Read more

14 Feb 2010

Wrining Out

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Wrining Out Originally uploaded by Bob Owen After a brief fishing excusion this little bird needed to dry off… Read more

13 Feb 2010


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Melting Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Atlanta’s brief brush with the snowpocolypse is melting away. Today, I’ve been doing my part to help it… Read more

12 Feb 2010

Mt Fuji / Lake Ashi

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Mt Fuji / Lake Ashi Originally uploaded by Bob Owen A few hours after our visit to 5th Station on Mt. Fuji we were in the Japanese resort town of Hakone. The area is famous for it’s many hotels with natural hot spring baths. The large… Read more

11 Feb 2010

Wolfie Smiles

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Wolfie Smiles Originally uploaded by Bob Owen The wolf eel, actually a fish, explores the world out side of rocky… Read more

10 Feb 2010


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Ancestor Originally uploaded by Bob Owen When looking at this fish swimming overhead there was an overwhelming sense of connection with the ancient. Evolution had found a configuation that would last longer than most. Even in passing on it’s… Read more

09 Feb 2010


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Stitch! Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Marie gets to meet and pet one of her favorite film stars, Stitch! Taken during the Backstage Magic tour in one of the green houses where they prepare topiaries for the parks. Stitch isn’t my favorite… Read more

08 Feb 2010

Disney’s Boardwalk

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Disney’s Boardwalk Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Disney’s Boardwalk Inn is a re-creation and re-imagination of Atlantic City in the 1940s. Taken on the friendship boat riding between Disney’s Hollywood Studios and… Read more

07 Feb 2010

Baffling Block

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Baffling Block Originally uploaded by Bob Owen A seeming aerial cityscape is created from the sound baffling above the GTRI stage during Product Camp… Read more

06 Feb 2010

Voting for Presenters

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Voting for Presenters Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Product Camp Atlanta is an unconference style event. A few folks propose topics they’re interested in presenting and the attendees vote on which ones will get scheduled for the… Read more

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