Style Without Substance

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Style Without Substance

Originally uploaded by Bob Owen

They started building this house last summer. It’s close to my own home so I listed to the pop of nail guns and the hum of all the other machines daily during it’s construction. As it started to take shape, it was clear that the house wasn’t going to look like the others in the neighborhood at all.

I’m no stickler for house uniformity but the choice to building a California modern in a location surrounded by 1950’s traditional homes seemed significant, even interesting. I was looking forward to meeting the new neighbors who obviously brought such a unique aesthetic to the area. So when construction finally wrapped up this week, I was terribly disappointed to see a large “For Sale” sign implailed in the yard.

I’m not going to get my chance to see the person with the architectural vision. The closest I’ll get it to meet the person who found the vision so interesting and the contrast to the rest of the neighborhood so start that they decided to pay for it. I wonder how long that will take.

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