January 2010

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11 Jan 2010

Good Morning Tokyo

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Good Moring Tokyo Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Tokyo is already moving early on a Thursday morning. Most of the year, Tokyo is covered in a haze. Partly this is from polution and partly from the humidity and geography of the city…. Read more

10 Jan 2010

Kitty Noir

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Kitty Noir Originally uploaded by Bob Owen There are a million stories in the gritty world of Sanrio. This is one Hello… Read more

09 Jan 2010

Fields of Attraction

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Fields of Attraction Originally uploaded by Bob Owen The gift left in my kitchen from my lovely wife. I’ve heard it said that the most impressive art is that which has to shine through while still complying the contraints of a frame work…. Read more

08 Jan 2010


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Grazing Originally uploaded by Bob Owen On this last trip to Walt Disney World, we followed up a stay at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge with a stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Both are amazing resorts. You could plan to spend your entire vacation… Read more

07 Jan 2010

Sunrise, reflected

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Sunrise, reflected Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Beautiful view outside the office window this… Read more

06 Jan 2010

Off Shift

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Off Shift Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Everyone in the Naked Mole Rat community has a job. There are diggers, farmers, nannies, sentries, and such. They work in shifts, and the members of the pack you see here are between shifts; resting… Read more

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