Crazy American Tourists with Rafukun

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Crazy American Tourists with Rafukun

Originally uploaded by Bob Owen

Everything in Japan seems to have a mascot. Narita Airport had one that looked like an airplane. Tokoyo Tower had one that was a little disturbing.

This one is Rafukun, the little blue dog mascot for Fuji TV. He’s framed here by two crazy American tourists who were in Japan on their on thier honeymoon.

You can recognize crazy American tourists by the fact that they flash the “V” sign in every picture thier in.

Rafukun was posing outside the world headquarters for Fuji TV which is on the island of Odiaba in Tokyo Bay. Odiaba is the largest man made island in Tokyo Bay and it an amazing planned community that’s seen a few booms and busts. Now it’s mostly a live/work playground for the population of Tokyo. While there we also saw Venus Fort, the Sega Joypolis, and had what I think was the best sushi on the trip.

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