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20 Dec 2009

Volunteer Navy

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Volunteer Navy Originally uploaded by Bob Owen I’ll bet it seemed like it would be a fun idea when the castmember walked up to this guy at the Backlot Tour and asked asked for volunteers. I wonder if he was warned that he may get wet? It’s… Read more

19 Dec 2009

Disney’s Pacific Northwest

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Disney’s Pacific Northwest Originally uploaded by Bob Owen This is a handheld panorama taken from the balcony of our room at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. The iso is a little high but I wanted to run with a closed aperature. The details are… Read more

27 Nov 2009

The Hightower Hotel

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The Hightower Hotel Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Building circa 1890, Harrison Hightower opened his hotel both as a business and a place to show off the relics he collected during his world travels. It was also the site of his… Read more

26 Nov 2009

Japan Alps

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Japan Alps Originally uploaded by Bob Owen View this at it’s original size (warning 16mb) This is the view of the Japan Alps from Kawaguchiko (I think) 5th Station on Mt. Fuji. This is the highest point along Mt. Fuji that can be reached by… Read more

25 Nov 2009


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Flowers Originally uploaded by Bob Owen In a display of human-like behavior, two gorillas share a tender moment with a gift of flowers. A few moments after this shot, both of them sat on the log and dined on the… Read more

24 Nov 2009

Target Acquired

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Target Acquired Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Having overshot her objective, Ozma makes a sudden course correction during a game of fetch in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. Ozma is a boxer retriever mix. Taken at the Piedmont Park Dog… Read more

22 Nov 2009

Lunch Date

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Lunch Date Originally uploaded by Bob Owen Marie and I decided to take this cold, rainy day and make it fun. So we drove over to one of our new favorite places, Urban Flats. We drank tea, ate salads, and enjoyed each other’s… Read more

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